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justadreamicons's Journal

Celebrity Graphics by americangrl69
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The Community
Welcome to justadreamicons. The celebrity icon journal for americangrl69. You'll find icons, headers, wallpapers, etc... Celebrities you'll find here: Hilarie Burton, Sophia Bush, Kirsten Dunst, Kristin Kruek, various bands, etc... Celebrities you'll never see here: Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, Fashion Celebrities. Still interested feel free to join and/or friend the community.
The Rules
1. No hotlinking! If I ever find out you are hotlinking my stuff I will ban you. You wouldn't be given a second chance.

2. Absolutely no stealing! It's easy enough to credit me. Credit in keywords: justadreamicons or americangrl69.

3. No Xanga or Myspace! GJ, forums, etc... are fine just as long as you credit me somehow.

4. Feedback is always appreciated. Even if you're not taking anything I love to know if people like my stuff.
The Links
Official Request Post
Tutorial Request Post

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